Dems’ Strategy: Wear Us Out

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In the run-up to the 2020 presidential campaign–which started in 2016–we’re seeing a rather bizarre political strategy take shape and play itself out right before our eyes.

The Russian Collusion thing having failed, Democrats have moved on to Plan B, The Perpetual Rage strategy. And it’s not a put-on: they really are that mad.

They now think they can win the election by bullying, shaming, intimidating, threatening, scaring, and boring the American people into submission. I mean, what happens if you call someone “racist!” a thousand times a day? Well, if it’s me, I punch you in the nose. But how many people, instead, will begin to say to themselves, “Wait a minute! Am I a racist? Am I a White Supremacist? This is terrible! What do I do, to stop being such an evil person?”

Yeah, everyone who doesn’t vote for whatever rug-chewing dwock the Dems nominate is a racist. You’re already a racist, even if you don’t know it. The only way to salvation is to vote for Democrats and obey every command given you by a leftist.

Meanwhile, to make sure you get the message, they’ll dox you, threaten you, softly mention that they know where your children go to school, and just keep it up, every day, every hour of every day, until America is forced to scream for mercy. “All right, all right, you win, here’s the keys to the White House, here’s the freakin’ government. Now just shut up already!”

“Give us what we want and we’ll stop yelling at you.”

This is a novel approach to politics. “Vote for me because I hate your guts!”

But they’re not kidding. They do hate us. They hate our country and want to “transform” it into something else. Believe me, you don’t want to see what.

America needs for the Democrat Party to be swallowed in the quicksand of history. Forever.

3 comments on “Dems’ Strategy: Wear Us Out

  1. This is their strategy alright, but I am pretty sure it will be drowned out by the revelations of the Horowitz Report, the declassified information on how the DOJ/FBI & Intelligence agencies colluded to sway an election and then try to oust a legally elected president, and how Hillary was given a pass. Look how the “suicide” of Jeffery Epstein has drowned out the voices of the Left in one day, for example.

    1. I see the Far Left Crazy women (AOC, Gillibrand, et al) are “demanding answers.” They might not like the answers they get.

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