‘A Meditation’ (2013)

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The thing that most appalls me about the nooze, these days, is the torrent of pure evil washing over our nation and the world. It may be God’s plan for the masks to come off. It didn’t used to be so easy to see who was on the Lord’s side and who isn’t.

A Meditation

Somehow this happened in the 1960s; but don’t ask me how. I was there, and I don’t know how it happened. All I know is the world took a very wrong turn back then and has come a long way down the wrong road.

Trust in the Lord. There’s no one else.

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  1. It seems the 1960’s took a sharp turn to paganism, you know, the Old Religion. The New Age influence and the visiting swamis didn’t help. And for some reason, drug use became very fashionable. But if we really want to lay the blame at someone’s feet, we probably should lay it at the doors of the Church. The Bible says judgment begins at the house of the Lord. If the church, and especially her leaders, were being salt and light maybe America would be in better shape. As R.J. Rushdoony has written about, when the church embraces bad theology it effects many generations to come. One example is what my wife calls “sloppy agape.”

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