‘This Blog Is a-Changin” (2016)

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These changes I made three years ago brought me increased readership. Not so much, the past two days; but the overall trend has been upward.

This Blog Is A-Changin’

But the point is, we really do need to buck each other up and not be cast down by the evils of this present age–which, it must be admitted, are bizarre and spectacular. People have always had to deal with robbers; but our robbers today want to rob us of our souls.

God’s watching you, Goliath. Brag while you can: the stone is prepared in the sling.

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  1. We need to be like young David and use our shots wisely by concentrating on what is needed most – and how do we do this? Redeem the time. Via prayer get orders for the day’s work in our Heavenly Father’s vineyard. Be vigilant for the devil like a roaring lion is on the loose for a short time. Let our words declare the victory of Jesus’ death on the cross, reconciling all things to the Father by His blood.

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