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‘Determining the New Direction of History’

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(This Chalcedon editorial appeared Sept. 7, 2019.)

One of R.J. Rushdoony’s more controversial assertions was that humanism is busy killing itself, and slated for extinction. He then went on to ask what that requires us, as subjects of the Kingdom of God, to do. That question’s still here, right in front of us.


Because they’re running wild, heaping up wealth and power, and generally trashing our whole civilization, it’s easy to wind up thinking Christ’s enemies are winning. But everything they, er, “achieve” hurts them even more than it hurts us. Homosexual parodies of marriage, transgenderism, and, only lately, a dalliance with the prospect of wholesale cannibalism–these are not winning game plans. They think they’re on the path to creating a global government. But all they’re creating is chaos–and in the end, they’ll choke on it.

Yes, they look like Goliath, and they scare us. But remember what happened to Goliath.

‘This Blog Is a-Changin” (2016)

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These changes I made three years ago brought me increased readership. Not so much, the past two days; but the overall trend has been upward.


But the point is, we really do need to buck each other up and not be cast down by the evils of this present age–which, it must be admitted, are bizarre and spectacular. People have always had to deal with robbers; but our robbers today want to rob us of our souls.

God’s watching you, Goliath. Brag while you can: the stone is prepared in the sling.

This Blog Is A-Changin’

Some of you have probably noticed that lately on this blog I’ve had less news, more animal video, more Christian hymns and music.

I’ve come to believe God wants to hear us praising Him in music: hence the hymns. He uses this music to speak to us, if we will only listen.

The animal videos are purely for relaxation. Cats are fun.

As for the news, there’s too much to keep track of, and too much of it is a drain on my morale and probably the readers’, too. Of course, I can’t help reporting items of education malpractice, culture rot, and the greatest and most dangerous hoax of all time, Climate Change.

But what good does it do, to sit on a hill and contemplate the magnificence of Goliath’s armor, the great mass of his muscles, the sharpness of his sword and spear?

For when all is said and done, he is just an uncircumcised Philistine who has defied the armies of the living God and whose ticket has already been punched by God Himself. No evil has ever survived God’s justice; no evil ever will. And that goes for the evils of this present era, brought to us by wicked fools who think they can usurp God’s throne.

No matter how many colleges they control, how many politicians, how many noozies, how many courts of law, how many bureaucracies–they are ghosts that walk, not knowing that they’re dead already.

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