‘And Now for Something Truly Disgusting’ (2013)

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They had a child praying to that shyster.

I think the most sordid aspect of the Obama years was the lapdog media’s repeated attempts to deify him. For example:

And Now For Something Truly Disgusting…

Six years later, the Democrat political landscape has shifted even farther to the left than ol’ *Batteries Not Included was–which is very far indeed–and the mob has begun to take pot shots at him. It’s not sincere. When was any of it sincere?

Praying to a politician–to some slimy little marxist, elected by America in the throes of a delusion–it doesn’t get any more shameful than that. Someone should’ve been busted for child abuse, once this travesty was aired.


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  1. I have the impression that we all worship someone or something. The Bible directs us to worship the creator and to worship Him exclusively. He has earned the right by means of having created all things. Rev. 4:11 No one else has such a right.

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