The Race for Eternal Life

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The monkey juice doesn’t do much for his posture.

Companies race to find the key to eternal life–I thought it was click-bait, but I clicked anyway.

It’s a Market Watch article about companies investing hundreds of millions of dollars, worldwide, in various scientific schemes to “reverse aging” (

This is not new. In 1923 Arthur Conan Doyle published a Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Creeping Man, in which an elderly professor, obsessed by his desire to marry a young woman, tries to restore his own youth by dosing himself with an “extract” from monkeys. It debases and degrades him, with Holmes and Watson only narrowly preventing a tragedy. Such “science,” reflects Holmes, would lead to a calamity for the human race: “It would be the survival of the least fit.”

Which brings us back up to 2019.

Perpetual youth would be bound to be expensive. Only the rich and the powerful, and great criminals, could afford it: “the least fit.” Trust Holmes to get it right.

In a Godless age, Godless men and women look to their idols, science and the state, to do for them all the things that God has promised to do–only of course they don’t believe in Him. Let’s be smart! Let’s give incredible and unprecedented powers to fools and sinners! And they’ll take us to Utopia, by cracky!

Think about it–another 700 years of being lorded over by every power-hungry jidrool in Congress, Hollywood, and Wall Street. All the ones we’ve got now, forever.

If that doesn’t make you run screaming back to the Bible, what will?

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  1. I have a great deal of respect for medical science and my own quality of life is vastly better because of some simple and inexpensive medications which do wonders. However, there are limitations. Even with the best and most advanced gene-based therapies, there are still patients whom can’t be helped.

    Gene therapy is a promising field, but I’d be surprised if there weren’t unanticipated side effects when trying to literally reverse the aging process. It’s one thing to treat a specific problem, it’s quite another to attempt to make an old body young again. We age and die because of sin. God warned Adam of this and when Adam chose to disobey he came under the curse of death.

    The persons coming up with gene-based therapies are exceptionally smart individuals and they have advanced true science dramatically, but they can’t outsmart God Himself and cannot reverse what He decreed.

    In an earlier phase of my life, I did a lot of mechanical work, on vehicles, various types of equipment, etc. One thing I learned is that no matter how much effort was put forth, an old piece of equipment (or an old vehicle) could never be made new again. You could stave off the inevitable for only so long, then it became necessary to replace rather than repair and restoration (of darned near anything) is an activity reserved for the wealthy.

    The body is many, many times more complex than any machine conceived of by mankind and we can’t simply remove and replace parts like we can when repairing an old tractor. Even a simple surgical procedure requires very complex preparation and things can go wrong very easily. I’ve had some “repairs” done and, while I’m thankful for the improvements these have brought, they are never as good as things were when I was young.

    The best thing I can ever do for myself is to eat small meals of healthful foods and to exercise strenuously, my doctor is onboard with this, BTW, in fact, we’ve run into one another during various bike rides, walks and other activities. But I can’t stave off the decline forever and while I’ll continue to exercise, I have to accept that I’m not the stallion I once was. My hope is in the Kingdom of God with Christ as King.

    1. I always quote what my dental hygienist said when I couldn’t understand why I’d developed a cavity in spite of being a fanatical brusher and flosser: “It’s like a car or an appliance: No matter how well you take care of it, eventually the parts wear out.” 🙂

      Youngsters to whom I tell that are horrified. Friends of my age love it.

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