The Race for Eternal Life

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The monkey juice doesn’t do much for his posture.

Companies race to find the key to eternal life–I thought it was click-bait, but I clicked anyway.

It’s a Market Watch article about companies investing hundreds of millions of dollars, worldwide, in various scientific schemes to “reverse aging” (

This is not new. In 1923 Arthur Conan Doyle published a Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Creeping Man, in which an elderly professor, obsessed by his desire to marry a young woman, tries to restore his own youth by dosing himself with an “extract” from monkeys. It debases and degrades him, with Holmes and Watson only narrowly preventing a tragedy. Such “science,” reflects Holmes, would lead to a calamity for the human race: “It would be the survival of the least fit.”

Which brings us back up to 2019.

Perpetual youth would be bound to be expensive. Only the rich and the powerful, and great criminals, could afford it: “the least fit.” Trust Holmes to get it right.

In a Godless age, Godless men and women look to their idols, science and the state, to do for them all the things that God has promised to do–only of course they don’t believe in Him. Let’s be smart! Let’s give incredible and unprecedented powers to fools and sinners! And they’ll take us to Utopia, by cracky!

Think about it–another 700 years of being lorded over by every power-hungry jidrool in Congress, Hollywood, and Wall Street. All the ones we’ve got now, forever.

If that doesn’t make you run screaming back to the Bible, what will?