Judge Blocks NJ’s Assisted Suicide Law

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A judge has issued a restraining order against New Jersey’s shiny new assisted suicide “law,” which went into effect this month (https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/new-jersey-judge-temporarily-blocks-assisted-suicide-law-99687).

A doctor sued on the grounds that the “law” violated his religious freedom and First Amendment rights. Ya think? It only says that a doctor who won’t help a patient kill himself must refer the patient to a doctor who will. So they’re telling you what you must say, even when you believe it’s wrong. Is there a First Amendment in the house?

Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy, who enthusiastically signed the bill into “law,” said it was a hard decision for him because he’s “a lifelong, practicing Catholic.” Hey, you need to practice harder, sunshine. He and his attorney general have pledged to fight the restraining order.

After all, assisted suicide, euthanasia, abortion–these are all favorites of the Far Left death cult, most of whose members are Democrats.

After a great deal of low political chicanery in the State House, Murphy and his pals got what they wanted, and New Jersey became the seventh of eight states now permitting doctor-assisted suicide.

Until a judge let the air out of their balloon.

Hopefully the cheap tricks will be undone and the “law” overturned. Meanwhile, thank you, Judge Innes.

6 comments on “Judge Blocks NJ’s Assisted Suicide Law

  1. The clause making it mandatory to refer to someone who’ll do the “assisted suicide” should be called the hit-man referral clause. (Or maybe the Jeffrey Epstein clause.)

  2. Thank you Judge Innes!!! I hope the Lefties don’t protest outside your house and threaten your family’s lives because that’s how the gestapo, I mean, the Left operates.

    We buried our little bunny rabbit, Bincy, in our backyard today. She has been a member of our family for over 12 years. When she stopped eating and drinking and just lay on her side, we new she was dying. We could have euthanized her but she wasn’t in pain (just old age), so for over a day there was a hush of spirituality in our home. Human deaths are even more spiritual for those with eyes to see.

    1. Sorry for your loss. I’ve always been fond of bunnies. I’ve had three of them in my life, and I know the pain of losing them.

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