NY Times Reveals Its Anti-Trump Mission

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Plan A, “Russian Collusion,” went totally belly-up, so Democrats have moved on to Plan B–“Call Everybody Racists Especially Trump.” But don’t take my word for it.

In a speech to New York Times employees, a speech that got leaked out when it wasn’t supposed to, executive editor Dan Baquet called for a “coverage shift” from Russian Collusion to Trump Racism (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/new-york-times-chief-outlines-coverage-shift-from-trump-russia-to-trump-racism). “We built our newsroom to cover one story (Collusion),” the editor prattled. “Now we have to regroup… to take on a different story”–and the “new story” will be “race.”

It’s so flamin’ obvious.

Nobody wants to be a “racist.” Ooh! But if you voted for President Donald Trump, or support him in any way… well, then you are a racist! Gee, that’s awful… What can I do?

Instant absolution is at hand! All you have to do is vote for Democrats, and you are instantaneously cleansed of the sin of racism. Who knew it could be so easy?

It’s beginning to sound like some of that stuff that Martin Luther had to deal with. Indulgences for sale. Price, one vote.

These people make me ashamed I ever was a journalist.

8 comments on “NY Times Reveals Its Anti-Trump Mission

  1. The NYT is America’s Pravda. The Media in general has become less about reporting the news, and more about shaping opinions.

  2. Perhaps, some times it’s just trendy to be like the masses, to show hatred for someone, despite their accomplishments. Watchman’s correct about the media. If one listens carefully, wee psy-ops tactics can be discerned. Our economy/job rates have improved (for most that actually want to be self-sufficient). If we sink we can’t help any one or ourselves.

    1. Aha! But that’s where Big Government comes in! It’s the government that’ll be doing all the helping. Utopia is just around the corner.

  3. The “racist” angle is already wearing thin, so now the narrative is we are headed for a coming financial recession – you know, Trump has totally blown it with all-powerful China.

    Today is the day in 1619 that the first slaves were first brought to Jamestown. The NY Times is now revising American history by advocating this was the true beginning date of America. There is a curriculum already created to teach this revisionist history in the public schools. One liberal professor claims the right to have slaves was the main reason the 13 colonies revolted against England because they were showing signs of making slavery illegal.

    1. We were just now wondering what “Plan C” was going to be, if “You’re a racist!” fails to carry the ball for the next year and a half. You might have something there with “Recession–and it’s 110% Trump’s fault!” We know Democrats are selflessly praying for a recession–purely in the very best interests of the country, dontcha know.

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