Thank You, Don Quixote–er, I Mean Joe Biden

Who’s your favorite political kook? Which Democrat loon do you want to be our country’s next (and maybe last) president?

Don’t even start to make up your mind before you read and internalize this immortal quote from the oldest kook in the race, Joe Biden. Does he need to say anything else, to win our hearts and minds, and  claim his place in history?

Ready? Here it is–straight from the horse’s… er, mouth:

“We choose truth over facts.”

Didn’t Don Quixote once say that? Forget the musical, Man of La Mancha. In the novel as Cervantes wrote it, Don Quixote was as crazy as a bedbug and everything he touched, he destroyed.

We can’t elect Don Quixote president because he’s fictional–and anyway he’d be 500 years old. But Joe Biden’s almost as old, and he–oh, forsooth!–is real.

One comment on “Thank You, Don Quixote–er, I Mean Joe Biden”

  1. In spite of all the many gaffs Joe Biden entertains us with, if he were just a nice guy he might get away with it. But in reality he is a liar of liars – and the trouble with big liars is they can’t keep their lies straight. Observing how many Americans would vote for this phony is beyond dismaying.

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