‘College Course Title: “Stop White People”‘ (2016)

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Ugly image, true… But what the colleges are doing is ugly and there’s no way to make it pretty.

Uh… “Stop White People” from doing what?

This little number was offered at SUNY Binghamtom a few years ago. At the time, some half-hearted public scrutiny caused the college to offer up a lame excuse (they just thought it’d be a catchy title–no harm intended)… but today there aren’t many colleges or looniversities where this kind of race-baiting doesn’t go on all the time.

College Course Title: ‘Stop White People’

It’s to our nation’s shame that we not only permit this to continue–we jolly well fund it! And it ain’t cheap, either.

If you can’t think of a thousand more useful, beneficial purposes to put a tax dollar than dumping it into a college, you just aren’t thinking.

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  1. While our colleges are teaching white students to hate themselves, at last count there are 360,000 Chinese students in U.S. colleges, more than triple from a decade ago. Has has this happened? China pays their tuition – you know, money talks and ________ walks. I’m sure there are no spies among these 360,000 students who have access to our latest experiments and technology, aren’t you?

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