My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 29 (‘They’re Not Pretending Anymore’)

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Democrats and other liberals spent several generations pretending to be sane, moderate, reasonable, decent people. Now they’ve stopped pretending; now they’ve let the wolf run free. Why?

They’re Not Pretending Anymore

Have they simply gone too loony to turn back–or do they know something, or think they know it, that convinces them they don’t have to put on a show of sanity anymore?

And if you think all this transgender-open borders-Green New Deal stuff is even a little bit sane, you’re as daft as they are.

Maybe they have some reason to believe the whole country’s stripped its gears.

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  1. When children or adolescents push at boundaries and the boundaries don’t hold, they have to go push against farther boundaries. When those collapse as well, on to even farther boundaries….

    Also, when the primary goal is power, as it is with leftism, the competition becomes a constant game of “Can you top this.” (Does anyone here remember the radio program in which comedians vied with each other to tell better and better jokes that got higher and higher scores on a laugh meter?) Or, to return to the childhood analogy, it’s the “oh yeah, well I can do that a gazillion times better than you” approach.

    Both of these types of challenges necessarily get wilder and wilder until the participants themselves wind up in a state of hysteria. Do the leftists really believe the slogans that they shout? Well, after a while, they probably do. It’s part of the hysteria — everything gone out of control. Unfortunately, the consequences of their hysteria are far more widespread than the hysteria of a four-year-old or fourteen-year-old. And you can’t spank politicians or take away their TV privileges (unless they’re conservatives).

  2. I have said all along that what MOST disturbs me today is the fact that these evil people no longer try to hide what they are or disguise their intentions. That alone should scare the hell out of any decent person.

    1. Realistically, there can be only ONE answer: they believe that they have the power to achieve their ends.

    1. Many believe they are correct in their stance. Others know they’re hurting our country, but won’t suffer the consequences. Batbie & Churchillhill are attributed in quite a paraphrased quote here, “He who is not a republican as a youth, may have no heart. He as an adult, who is not republican, may have no mind.” I believe we should do best for people, environment, and animals, but there must be logic. If we don’t secure our sovereignty, we will fall. If we give money to every one in need and not, our economy collapses, we will fall & succumb to the wills of dictatorship countries. If we banish free speech & the ability to access knowledge, we will not be free. If we appease the offended & tender-eared, we are no longer the land of the brave. I could be wrong, too.

  3. “Has God saddled them with a delusion that will lead to their total defeat, and their end, at least temporarily, as a viable political movement?”
    It could be that simple.

  4. What is so disheartening is this same delusional thinking is dominating all the western nations. No wonder they hate President Trump so much – he is not one of them, but he is with the Christians. Now AOC is claiming the glaciers contain diseases that will kill the human race when they melt because of Climite Change. And why is Obama buying a $15 million mansion on Martha’s Vineyard that is in walking distance of the ocean? – obviously he doesn’t believe in Climite Change at all.

    1. The problem is, what WE don’t believe is their lie. What THEY don’t believe is our truth.

    2. Ask at any college: they’ll tell you there’s no such thing as truth. Then they’ll insist that everything they say is true.

    3. If you eat of that fruit you surely will not die, but become as gods. Yeah, we’ve heard it all before.

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