The Loving Left: Antifa Prof says ‘Kill Christians’

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Nope, no abusive content here!

Remember, a few days ago, Facebook censored one of my posts? Yeah–said it contained “abusive content.” Because I called a Democrat politician a doofus. Hate speech.

Well, an English professor at Kirkwood Community College–sheesh, not even a real college–in Iowa was able to post on his Facebook page, without getting censored, without anyone “reporting” him, his “rage” against Evangelical Christians and his desire to kill them and “bury them deep in the ground” ( No abusive content here.

The college convinced him to resign, I guess because even a college looks bad when it employees overtly homicidal maniacs. The college president said she and all the rest of the academic gang respect his right to say anything he wants to say, yatta-yatta. But I guess convincing students that you’d like to kill them… well, that’s a little thick.

Why does Professor “I am Antifa” want to kill Christians? To “stop” them, he says. Stop them from doing what? He doesn’t say. Whatever leftids don’t want them to do. Because in the minds of liberals, everyone who isn’t them is subhuman, belongs in a gulag, etc.

Our public schools and colleges are hatching out these wackos by the truckload, every day. We have way too many looniversities and colleges, with way too many students being warehoused in them, way too many otherwise unemployable schmendricks “teaching” them way too much garbage, and all at a cost of way-way-way too much money.

Defund them now. Save America. Defund the colleges.

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  1. We know it has been happening in other countries for a long time, and it was inevitable that it would come here. We were told by the Lord that the world hated Him, and that it would hate us too. We had better be prepared.

  2. You hit the nail on the head, Lee.

    One of the advantages of being my age is that you get to watch changes over a period of decades.

    I began to worry when the government started throwing money at colleges. We now have had a near-complete transformation of the goals of education – which used to be to produce well informed and patriotic citizens. Now families go into debt to pay for their children to be indoctrinated, without their knowledge or consent, into immorality and socialism.

    I had the same worry when teachers became enabled to set up unions. Many people have no idea it was not always so. Unions have been largely behind the indoctrination and removal of real American History, allowing Planned Parenthood to teach “health education” (aka sex and abortion-on-demand) in schools, etc.

    How do we wake up our nation? I pray to God that it’s not too late.

    1. I’m convinced that whatever we do must involve the total and permanent defeat of the Democrat Party. It’s the least we can do, and still a mammoth job.
      We also have to take our Christian children out of teachers’ unions’ public schools and stop sending them to anti-Christian colleges–meanwhile, defunding the colleges and drastically reducing their ability to damage our society.

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if the colleges lost their funding, then they would have to operate in the free enterprise system – you know, competition. I heard of a ministry that solicits money to get children out of public schools and into private ones – hey, it’s a beginning. But better yet, whole big denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention telling their members to get their children out of the public schools.

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