‘Prof Seeks Funds for Zombie Study’ (2015)

Bob Hope hits the bullseye.

Yes–now you can go to collidge, and run of a $150,000 debt, to study… zombies.

Prof Seeks Funds for Zombie Study

The fact that there’s no such thing as zombies doesn’t seem to deter anyone. College students study a lot of things that don’t exist and never have. Unless you define “white privilege” as the privilege of being blamed for everything and having to pay for entitlements to Democrat voting blocs.

Our universities–making America dumber by the day.

2 comments on “‘Prof Seeks Funds for Zombie Study’ (2015)

  1. Where has this pop culture with zombies come from. I always thought this was left behind after some cheesy Sci Fi movies in the ‘50s and ‘60s, but it seems mainstream now. People, it’s a work of fiction.

    1. They probably got tired of the vampire ‘n’ werewolf craze and had to find something else. After the zombies fad stops selling, maybe they’ll go on to mummies. (No jokes about daddies, please.)

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