‘C.S. Lewis and the Deplorable Word’ (2016)

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“If I can’t rule the world, then there won’t be a world!”

Having lived through two world wars, C.S. Lewis understood the temptations of nihilism and the rage of those who reached for absolute power but couldn’t grasp it. He wrote about it several times–in The Chronicles of Narnia and in That Hideous Strength are two examples that come to mind.

C.S. Lewis and The Deplorable Word

Go ahead–tell me we don’t have politicians and “leaders” today who’d just as soon destroy the world, if they’re not allowed to rule it.

But God won’t let them.

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    1. It’s that old “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven” thing, as John Milton so clearly perceived.

      I hate this whole idea that the bad guys have already won, they exercise dominion over the whole world and there’s nothing God nor man can do about it, the conspiracies are just too clever, etc. Someday Red China will fall, just as the Soviet Union fell. Someday the leftids’ wall around America will come down like the Berlin Wall.

      And I want to be there when it does; and I want to be able to say I helped bring it down.

  1. Actually, it is too late; the evil already DO rule the world. Just saw/heard a Youtube segment on HSBC Bank that money launders ALL the criminal enterprises in the world using the real SSI and other information gleaned from ordinary Americans involved in any bank transactions.

    EVERYBODY is involved — every government, every segment of “our” government, every lobbyist and big corporation including the Federal Reserve. Nothing can be done because EVERYBODY IS COMPLICIT! The IRS makes it worse by going after TRILLIONS of dollars from the poor individuals whose name and SSI numbers were used to “create” the businesses used to launder the money! It comes as a nasty shock to some poor widow who is told by the IRS that she has an account with BILLIONS of dollars in it!

    We see Comey walking and that means the DOJ and BARR are also complicit. They say that Trump is doing nothing but whether that’s because Trump is involved or because he finds himself in a setting in which he can DO nothing, I don’t know.

    No, sadly I no longer believe that anything can be salvaged. It will just continue to go to hell until Christ steps in and stops it and I sometimes wonder when or even IF that will happen.

    1. When He does return, I pray He finds me at my post, working and doing my best to fulfill His command, “Occupy until I come.”

      Fear God. Evil men are crap.

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