Raining Like Crazy

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So we’re in the Stop & Shop buying our groceries for the week, this morning–Happy Labor Day, everybody–and we’re standing in the checkout line, with a guy behind us who looks just like Pat Morita but probably isn’t–

And suddenly everybody in the store looks up nervously, because it’s a deep drum-roll overhead, like giants are using the roof of the building for a party… And I’m thinking, “How many horror movies could you start with this exact scene?” But no one panicked because the store has windows and we could all see it was torrential rains making all that noise.

We had a few anxious moments, driving home. Patty gets nervous when we can’t see the road.

And now it’s let up. It stopped raining as soon as we got our groceries put away.

And Patty’s reading about “Flirty” the emotional support mini-horse who was taken aboard an airliner recently.

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As you can see, the mini-horse is no bigger than many service dogs that now fly aboard airliners without provoking astonishment. Except “Flirty” weighs two or three times as much as a dog the same size.

People sure are emotionally fragile these days, dontcha think?

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  1. cute little animal. I saw some of those at a county fair once. Some of them are a bit hateful, but still cute.

  2. Gruels legitimate service animals are fine, such as seeing eye dogs, whom give the blind a much greater degree of independence. However, the notion of service animals has been misused in many cases. I met someone that bragged about having numerous service dogs, but from what I could tell, it was simply a case of someone that had a bunch of dogs (with no special training or function) that forced others to accommodate his desire to have them with him at all times by claiming that they were service animals.

    My cat provides a great deal of emotional support in the form of companionship. I enjoy her company and there are times during the workday when I wish she were nearby, but that doesn’t make her a necessity and my coworkers shouldn’t be forced to accommodate her presence just because I enjoy having a pet.

    On a daily basis, I see people bringing dogs into grocery stores with no pretense that these are service animals. In Arizona, leaving an animal in the car during summer is all but a death sentence. But why do they have to bring their animal along for the ride?

    What’s next; emotional support cobras at public gatherings and if someone is bitten, well that’s just the cost of accommodating the needs of others?

  3. ☝🤪<Alligators make good emotional support animals: the owners get the whole plane for themselves!

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