Memory Lane: Red Salamanders

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Isn’t this just beautiful? The red salander, Pseudotriton ruber ruber–when I was a boy, you could find them in my neighborhood. That was before the political party that claims to be “for” the environment paved everything over.

My friends and I collected salamanders. The most common were the little redbacks. They were just about everywhere. But every now and then you’d find a red salamander–bright red, speckled with black, with a salmon-pink underbelly. Like living jewels.

I still look for salamanders, occasionally, but the only ones left are redbacks. There are no more gorgeous red salamanders around here. They had to go, to make way for nail salons and trendy restaurants. And now, high rise tenements. Makes our town more urban, dontcha know.

In the restitution of all things we shall see Creation as the Lord Our God created it. And I’m sure He won’t forget to include these salamanders.

5 comments on “Memory Lane: Red Salamanders

  1. That is truly striking.

    I’ve given great thought to the restitution and look forward to it. I’ve spent much of my life in technical pursuits, and much like Solomon, I’ve come to see it all as vanity. We need to live in harmony with our Creator and to behold His wonderous works.

  2. We have been invaded by nail salons in our town – I don’t get it? My wife does her own nails and toes. We do see an occasional salamander but none as beautiful as the red ones you have.

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