New York City Dems: Scrap Programs for ‘Gifted and Talented’

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I don’t know why, but I can’t reproduce de Blasio’s picture here, it just won’t take. What is he–a vampire? So I had to go with the next most applicable image.

The Bill de Blasio (not his real name) regime in New York City, led by the one-time Sandinista wannabe, wants to get rid of the city’s special high schools and other programs for gifted and talented students (

See if you can follow this logic.

“Gifted and talented” programs must be abolished in the interests of “diversity.” See, those special schools are not “diverse” enough: way too many Asians, not enough blacks, etc. It’s unfair to treat students differently based on their differing abilities. The only way to achieve “diversity is… to insist they’re all the same and treat them all the same.

The city’s School Diversity Advisory Group, appointed by Mayor de Blasio or whatever his name is, said the gifted and talented programs “perpetuate racial inequality” and went on to say there are way too many kids rated as gifted and talented–35% of the students qualify, under standards currently in use. Honk if you understand that.

Do you think socialist regimes like gifted and talented people? If you do, go back three spaces and try again. Do you think they want gifted and talented people running around loose–and asking questions?

What has our country done, that this curse of “diversity” has fallen on our heads? For what sin is this our punishment? What have we done to deserve being governed by suck wicked idiots?

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  1. This really is insane. When I was in school, (way back in the old days),
    excellence was aimed for, encouraged, and paraded before the whole town. Not that anyone put down those who could not reach the top, just that it was accepted by all that if you applied yourself, wanted to do well, you were encouraged. As valedictorian of my class, I was never booed, castigated or any such thing. Instead, the other kids asked my help, complimented me and seemed to work a little harder so they could reach the top of the class too. Now this; it is a destroyer. How sad.

  2. It is only a very small percentage of people who are true entrepreneurs and innovators, so what does the Left do? They shut down programs for the gifted. That is why Peter Thiel and George Gilder & others have started the 1517 Fund, to fund the talented and gifted to start developing new businesses and technology instead of going to college for 4-8 years and having their spirit of discovery drilled out of them by Marxist professors.

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