We Don’t Own the Schools We Pay For

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The thought of those Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions shaping the nation is enough to give you nightmares. But they are shaping it, indoctrinating America’s children into the wonders and glories of socialism, transgender, abortion and atheism–and we can’t seem to do anything about it.

In the real world, if you pay for something, it becomes… yours. You own it. But in government-world, you just keep on paying and paying and paying and you never acquire any rights of ownership. The only role the public has in “public education” is, we’re taxed for it.

We don’t get to decide who administers our schools, who teaches our children, or what gets taught. The local school board has no say, either, not really–everything ultimately gets decided by some state authority… and by the politically powerful teachers’ unions: powerful enough to kick sand in our face and laugh. If we vote down the local school budget, all the district has to do is appeal to the state and the state nullifies the cuts.

So all we do is pay.

Without the indoctrinating work done by the public schools, no one in America would even be thinking about socialism, live-birth abortion, 50 different “genders,” open borders, or any of the other suicidal lunatic public policies espoused by Democrats and Far Left teachers’ unions. We would be a very different–and very much better!–kind of country.

Now we face the very real threat of our republic being plowed under by left-wing political zealots who think the object of any public service is to gain control of the keys to the gulag and see how many people they can shove inside. This would not have been possible without the public education establishment.

We pay for our schools, and so we ought to own them. And if that means breaking up the unions–well, I can’t think of a stronger inducement than that. Can you?

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