Do They Want to be 6 Years Old Forever?

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On his radio show yesterday, Sean Hanity played some interviews with current college students. I was in my car on the Parkway, so I couldn’t take notes. But what I heard was–well, pathetic. Shameful.

The topic was “The Appeal of Socialism,” and it certainly seemed to appeal, big-time, to these overgrown babies. Free college. Free healthcare. Free housing. Guaranteed income, in case you just don’t want to work. One and all, these college students aspired to a life of “being taken care of” by the government. Just as if they were to be little children all their lives. Have they no shame? Have they no morals? Yes, folks–it’s immoral to be a parasite, with the government forcing other people to pay your way.

What do these people even want to do with their lives? There’s a poll that says most of them want “to be famous.” But famous for what? They don’t know. Swallowing Tide pods?

They also have no idea how all this free stuff is going to be paid for. No idea at all. Their guiding light, Congresscreature Alexandria O’Crazy-O Cortez, says all we’ve got to do is print more money. Yeah, that’ll work.

But here’s another thing they don’t know. Apart from the money, what will all this free stuff cost those who receive it? What will they have to give in return? “Their unqualified obedience” would be my guess. Right down to the most minute details of their lives. And if that means they kill and eat you after your 30th birthday–

Well, you asked for it, comrades.


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  1. Nobody can possibly get something for nothing, unless somewhere, someone is getting nothing for something. I don’t mind helping persons whom are truly in need, but I mind greatly giving handouts to people who can work, but refuse to do so.

    I’ll be 65 in another few weeks and I get out of bed every morning at 5 and drive an hour’s drive to work. I work a solid 8 and go in every fourth Saturday for maintenance-window tasks. I’m not complaining, I’m thankful for my job and my career continues to ascend, even at an age when many folks retire, but I’m damned such and tired of seeing people young enough to be my grandchildren sitting around feeling sorry for themselves and refusing to work.

    A few years ago, a fellow that lives on the dole stood in my living room and told me that all that I had was given to me. The prior year, I had paid $20,000 in Federal income tax, more than enough to fund his government handouts, yet I was the one that had been “given” everything?!?!

    What we are up against here is a combination of delusional thinking and laziness. Many of these people have never known anything but full stomachs and a roof over their head. They seem blind to the fact that it takes a lot of work on the part of someone to provide the things they take for granted. They choose to never give thought to how this happens. They don’t appreciate the lineman working at all hours out in the elements to keep their electricity on. They don’t realize that the food they eat was produced with great effort and transported by someone that worked hard to get their food to its destination while it was still fresh.

    I’m taking a vacation day, today, while having some work done on my roadster. I woke up at 4:15 and drove 187 miles, because this mechanic is trustworthy and honest. I’ve seen the work accomplished by the local talent and it’s worth my while to spend the time traveling here. The man doing the work lives in a very nice home with a beautiful shop in his back yard. Everything about the place attests to true prosperity, but there’s a reason for this; he’s willing to work hard and he’s skilled at what he does. He makes a better living as a mechanic than I do as an engineer, and that doesn’t bother me a bit. I’m pleased to pay him $1.50 per minute for his efforts. There’s a lesson in all of this; learn to do something useful and you will reap the rewards.

  2. Very good words, Unknowable. I couldn’t possibly have said it better even if I wanted to. I have said all this a number of times to various people. I, too, have paid thousands and thousands of dollars in various taxes over the busiest years of my life.
    It is amazing to me to see how blind this generation has become. The person who railed against someone who raised farm animals intended for food, crying over the slaughter taking place, saying “…food just is” and a lot of other drivel. The level of ignorance is staggering.

    1. Beyond that, the level of ignorance is unsustainable. If this sort of thought ever becomes preponderant, earth’s inhabitants will face mass starvation and troubles that cannot be easily fixed.

  3. The 10 Dems in last night’s debate offered a bunch of free stuff, and the ones who dared to even have a plan to pay for it all offered insane solutions. There is not enough money in the world to support everyone. Each person is responsible for their own life, sink or swim. If anyone will not work, neither let him work says the New Testament. The Bible teaches helping the worthy poor and needy, not the unworthy ones.

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