‘A Degrading Form of Government’ (2013)

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As the liberal death cult tries to stir up impeachment frenzy in America, and uses children on a global stage to stampede adults into accepting a global government, let’s pause and reflect on what kind of government sinful, fallen man usually winds up with.

A Degrading Form of Government

This is the perversity of our sin nature: wherever there is liberty, you’ll find people clamoring for a king. Wherever there is dignity, you’ll find them stretched out on the ground kissing the earth the tyrant walks on.

It’s a dynamic of history, it never changes. There’s always someone, somewhere, or a group of fat-heads, somewhere, who wants to rule the whole shebang.

The globalists are pushing very, very hard for that today!

And Donald Trump stands in their way, so Donald Trump must go.

O Lord our God! Tread down your enemies, who hate your people for your sake.

3 comments on “‘A Degrading Form of Government’ (2013)

  1. II Chronicles 7:14 has never been more urgently needed. We know our country is in big trouble, and the only remedy is returning to a Godly mindset instead of this satanically controlled mess. If judgement begins at the House of God, what will the end be for those who do not know Him. Too horrible to think about.

  2. Eventually this tyrannical pattern is broken because the knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas – it’s called the Millennium. America was a great experience in self-government (which is Christian government). It has been under attack from its beginning, but today there is a movement back to our roots. Jesus taught us to believe for the things we want without doubting and we would receive them. Let us put our faith into action. Let us envision the Millennium beginning in our lifetime and in our nation.

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