My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 26 (‘The Nuts Are Out in Force’)

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As I was writing this, House Democrats were feverishly preparing to impeach our president. On what grounds? Your guess is as good as mine. “He must’ve done something!”

Are AI Robot Priests The Future?

How much pure lunacy can a civilization stand? Robot priests. Global government by hypocrites and fools. Straitjackets as a fashion statement. Some stupid kid standing up before the UN and making adults cower. Yeah, it’s goin’ great.

God is not subjecting us to these things because He’s happy with us.

And we are not listening.

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  1. IMO, there is a general collapse occurring. It’s being seen in many sectors. The business world no longer functions in a manner we would think of as recognizable. The government has changed drastically and just day to day interaction among people has changed. The current situation is unsustainable, and this has nothing to do with environmental fears, but is much more closely related to the moral vacuum which has developed.

    it’s tempting to give in to dark humor and tell people to stock up on popcorn, but the reality is that the next events are likely to be very unpleasant. This is much bigger than one election, one country or one belief system. Things are going off the rails.

  2. God is not “subjecting” us to ANYTHING. He has given us great Gifts, but as with ALL gifts, they have to be used to be useful. Of course, His gifts are dangerous in this world and many is the Christian who went to the stake or the cross for using his. Today, far too many of us are afraid. We’re afraid for our lives, of course, and that is somewhat understandable.

    However, far too many are afraid for their fortunes and even afraid of being ridiculed and rejected by people whose works WE as Christians should reject. Remember the Psalm, “Let a good man strike or rebuke me in kindness, BUT LET THE OIL OF THE WICKED NEVER ANOINT MY HEAD FOR MY PRAYER IS CONTINUALLY AGAINST THEIR WICKEDNESS.”

    Today, it appears that we seek that “oil” in that we cannot abide being labeled as racists or homophobes or any of the other p.c. nonsense out there. No wonder (supposedly) good people are afraid! They cannot abide censure! How will they abide martyrdom?

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