‘The Grand Poobah of Philosophers’ (2013)

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The whole country would’ve been better off if he’d been a truck driver or a zookeeper.

John Dewey is proof that philosophy is highly overrated.

The Grand Poobah of Philosophers

“We know nothing for certain,” was his teaching. Well, you can’t say “We know nothing” without also admitting, tacitly, that “I know nothing.” Then the question is, why are we listening to someone who doesn’t know anything?

Philosophy divorced from God does fearful damage to a society.

The wounds inflicted on America by John Dewey run deep.

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  1. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about Dewey was his statement that “Democracy and the one, ultimate, ethical ideal of humanity are to my mind synonymous.” There are currently two pure democracies which are failing to form governments, Israel and the UK. The UK has formed a government, but it is so fractious that it isn’t working and has, for years failed to effect Brexit, which is the will of the voters. In spite of what they might have told you in grade school, the US is not a democracy, but a representative republic. Sadly, I doubt that even many Republicans would understand that, these days, but this one does.

    1. Pure democracy is far too unstable. Pure democracy is, essentially, mob rule. The notion, created in Philadelphia by the Founding Father’s was to elect sober individuals of good character and possessing wisdom to act as our representatives. They were to provide stability and prevent mass hysteria from ruling the day.

      What 200 years of opposition could not accomplish has been effectively done by a news media which has no soul. Our republic has been effectively derailed by a sensationalist media.

    2. Thucydides provides an eyewitness account of how a great democracy, Athens, destroyed itself through pure hysteria. Our country’s founders knew that story, and were determined to avoid repeating it.

  2. Roussaeu wrote about the education of children that was very influential. Yet in his personal life he gave all his children away for someone else to raise. Dewey denied the Trinity and embraced Humanism.

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