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Oh, boy! It’s the eye doctor’s waiting room tomorrow! Watching the hours trickle away, waiting for “The View” to come on, or else talk shows hosted by cable TV celebrities I never heard of with guests who don’t show up half the time, and the host has to go out to the parking lot and see what’s what–

Oh, fap!

I’m supposed to write a Newswithviews column tomorrow. I have a book I need to finish before the cold weather sets in–sort of like a farmer with a crop he’s got to get in before the frost. Couldn’t post anything here, earlier, because I was creating posts to appear here tomorrow while I’m trapped at the doctor’s. So now I have to catch up.

Say-hey, everybody! Any suggestions for a quick, punchy Newswithviews column? I’ll listen, if you’ve got ’em. It has to be written tomorrow afternoon.

And now to rush outside with my legal pad and try to get back into my novel…

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  1. Oooh, I’ll try to think about it, but no guarantee. I am feeling really terrible
    today, and since yesterday afternoon.

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