Physician-Assisted Child Abuse

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I couldn’t bear to illustrate this story. Let’s look at God’s creation–it’s just so totally better than ours. Here’s a scarlet tanager.

Drugs used to block the onset of puberty in allegedly “transgender children” are, instead, killing them–according to the U.S. government’s Food & Drug Administration (

A puberty-blocker called “Lupron”, says the FDA, has been linked to “thousands of adult deaths.” In adults, the drug is used to treat glandular disorders. When administered to healthy children, it seriously disrupts the development of their endocrine systems. It doesn’t kill right away, but rather polishes you off in early adulthood.

Since 2004 the FDA has reported 33,488 “adverse reactions” to the drug, resulting in 6,056 deaths.

What we want to know is, how can there be thousands of parents who are willing to subject their children to this? “Ooh-ooh! Here’s my chance to block my child’s puberty! Wheeee!” Where does that come from? (Hint: It rhymes with “swell” and smells like burning brimstone.)

This is crazy. It’s like the human race has been waiting for a thousand years to turn boys into girls and girls into boys, and wahoo, it’s finally here! [Rushes outside to turn cartwheels. Onlookers throw confetti.]

This rush to undo God’s creation and replace it with our own–an ideal utopian world designed by sinful, stupid, fallible, half-crazed human beings–has a heavy stink of death to it. Pray the Lord will put a stop to it.


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  1. Oh, what will the evil ones come up with next! They push this junk like mad, not knowing or caring what the results will be.

    1. Patty’s prediction: rainbow lights around the Vatican. Wow, I hope she’s wrong! But there’s no telling what the Red Pope will come up with next.

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