We’ve Got Honeybees

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Enough of nooze, enough of politics: let’s look at some of God’s stuff instead. In this case, I only have to look out my living room window.

Because my wife has been so sick–she’s getting better now, praise God: and thank you all for your prayers, the Lord has heard them–we didn’t have a garden this year. We let our little garden plot grow wild, and by the end of the summer, had a lush growth of wonderful little white flowers. Queen Anne’s lace, they’re called.

And the bees just love ’em! Early in the morning, the bumblebees are already at work. Then come the little native bees. And a little later, hallelujah–honeybees!

We hear that honeybees are in trouble everywhere–disease and habitat destruction being the chief culprits. For a while there we weren’t seeing any honeybees at all. But wherever their hive is (we don’t know), the tiny white flowers of the Queen Anne’s Lace are bringing them here. Once the day warms up a little, we’ve always got honeybees. And it pleases us to think we’ve got something that they like–flowers that we never planted, but that God has provided.

Thank you for that, O Father!

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  1. No matter what doomsday scenario the Left paints, we can take comfort in the fact that God preserved His creatures in a global deluge and will preserve them in the future.

  2. I really like this post and the picture! It is nice to get out of the real world and take a look in creation. I found this article that talks about bees. May I share it with you?

    1. Very interesting: I’ve often wondered what the world looks like through an insect’s compound eyes.
      As for evolution vs. design, I don’t think anything we see in nature “evolved.”

    2. Thank you for taking your time to read the article and to comment on it. I love these little articles because it teaches me little facts about animals. The creators of this article come out with videos and other articles about animals often. Would you like me to send you one about animals when they come with a new one? It would be like biweekly.

    3. Would you like me to send it to you via email or just leaving it in the comment section is fine?

    4. Very nice video–thank you.
      I don’t get these scientists, though. Why don’t they just sit back and wait for wind turbines to evolve into silent wind turbines?

    5. Honesty, I am not really sure. But when it comes to the owl’s wings. I went to a raptor center and they are really quiet because they are not great flyers. So they said it makes it easier to sneak up on their predator.

      I will catch up with in about 2 weeks. Hope you have a nice week!!

    6. Once, when I was a little boy of 6 years old or so, my friend and I walked into the neighborhood woods and accidentally flushed a great horned owl. Wow! I remember it as being bigger than either of us! But it didn’t make any noise.

    7. I find owls so cool. It has for a very long time been my favorite animal. And now I love owls for how amazingly they are created.

    8. I am so sorry. I was actually suppose to send this article to another person. I sent you a article last week I wasn’t suppose to send you a article/video until next week. I am sorry

    9. Hi Leeduigon! Wow, how things have changed since we have talked time! This pandemic has thrown everyone in a loop. This is crazy!

      But it is not surprising to me. Why? Because Jesus prophesied that this would happen. The scripture is at Luke 21:11: “There will be great earthquakes, and in one place after another food shortages and pestilences”. Prophecy like this were told over 2000 years ago. How accurate! But is this all we have to look forward to? What do you think?

    10. What I think is that Our Lord was describing things that would happen again and again–and have happened again and again.

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