The ‘Gender’ Nightmare, 2011

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Yep–it came to America, all right. Lucky us.

When I wrote this article for Chalcedon in 2011, a few of my colleagues refused to believe that any such things could ever happen in America. I wish I had been wrong instead of they.

The article focused on what was then a new handbook intended for use by the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, dedicated to weeding out “gender conformity”–like that was bad or something. The depth of inanity and foolishness in that document was truly profound. “Two-spirit persons…” Feh.

The article also contained a link to a video of “gender instruction” in a California public school, with a captive audience of kindergarten children being “taught” by a big fat mutant. It wasn’t that such things couldn’t happen in America. By 2011 they already were happening.

This is culture-killing. Be warned: kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

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  1. “No less than seven gender categories existed among the Chukchi people of Siberia in the 1800s” (p. 12). So that makes gender chaos universal?” Or how about the man of Gerasenes who had a legion of spirits? Why stop at two?

    Culture consists of the values and attitudes that a people hold to within themselves. The Left has been drilling their attitudes and values into our children and young adults for a century. It is going to take some time to turn that around.

    1. I notice that they don’t give any references regarding the Chukchi people. Where exactly are they getting this from? I highly doubt anyone was studying this in the 1800s as they weren’t obsessed with gender as they are today. And how exactly a two-spirit, whatever that is supposed to mean, constitutes a gender is beyond me.

      The natives people also practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice. Does that mean then we should also adopt those practices because they did them? The pagans practiced all sorts of weird things. Christianity came along and screwed people’s head in the right way, and now they want to unscrew it.

  2. I have looked up the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary regarding gender and sex, and it doesn’t make any distinction between the two. That is a modern concept. Gender is NOT a biological term but a linguistical one. A person can conceive of an infinite number of genders, which have no scientific basis, but biologically there are only two.

    They say genders are a social construct. If that is true then why in antiquity were men always the warriors and hunters of society and women were the nurturers and homemakers of society. Sure there may have been exceptions, but rules are not based upon the exceptions. These roles were not social constructs but naturally suited each gender physically and psychologically.

    Gender roles are organic and important to the functioning of society. It’s one thing for gender roles to develop organically, it’s another to try and change gender roles artificially. Destroying gender roles will only create confusion, problems that did not exist before, and ultimately social chaos.

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