Cute Little Pikas

This has got to be the cutest animal in North America–the pika. Bigger than a hamster, smaller than a rabbit, the pika is related to a man named Rudolph Zipple. Uh, check that–they’re related to rabbits. They live mostly in the Rocky Mountains, in boulder fields above the tree lines: “The conies are but a feeble folk, yet make their houses in the rocks” (Proverbs 30:26)

4 comments on “Cute Little Pikas

  1. Wow, I lived within sight of the Rockies for over a quarter century and don’t know that I ever saw one of these. They are sure cute and that’s quite a call they make.

  2. We had a nature show on TV this morning and they featured pikas. My wife said she wanted one. But then I showed her a picture of a Quokka and she wanted one of them. I looked Quokka information and discovered it is illegal to have a Quokka as a pet (or to take them out of Australia). Now my wife wants me to win the 50,000th comment contest so she can have to Quokka T-shirt.

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