‘How Stupid Are We?’ (2013)

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How stupid? Well, we let robots walk all over us. If people weren’t stupid–or at least fantastically credulous–there’d be no robo-calls.


Mayor Bloomberg never did get around to reserving ten thousand New York City parking spaces for electric cars–it’s so hard to control everything! He left office with people still able to obtain french fries: surely a sore disappointment to him.

And then there’s the characters we send to Capitol Hill to rule us and make themselves fabulously wealthy. It’s astounding, how rich you can get in “public service”! And all on our dime!

Something ought to be done about that, someday. But we’d have to get a bit smarter first, and public education is there to make sure that never happens.

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5 responses to “‘How Stupid Are We?’ (2013)

  • Erlene Talbott

    Oh, there you are! I was a little worried when I checked my email earlier. Since you are three hours ahead of me, you are usually here as soon as I come on. Anyway, glad to see you on now.
    Yes, it is incredibly stupid, and I mostly just tune it all out.

    • leeduigon

      Believe it or not, most of that time I spent ransacking web sites for news that wasn’t about impeaching or stupid college stuff. I was working, but it doesn’t show!

  • hawk2017


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Joe Biden and his son – nothing to see here. They were just doing what all the other corrupt government’s do. Dinesh D’Souza says in India the wealthiest people are the politicians and the police. I have been told that in most of the countries of the world you have to bribe everyone to get anything accomplished.

  • unknowable2

    “I have been told that in most of the countries of the world you have to bribe everyone to get anything accomplished.”

    The current crop of Demos have the same dream for the US.

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