Bunny Gourmet

You may like a little squeeze of lemon in your tea, or on your salad, or your French fries; but to chew and eat a slice of lemon, that might exceed your pucker factor.

But what about a bunny? Would a bunny enjoy eating a lemon? Let’s see what this bunny does with his first lemon slice.

4 comments on “Bunny Gourmet

  1. That was a surprise. My guess would have been that he’d take one bite, then exit stage right, at the speed of light. 🙂 Life, and bunnies, are full of surprises.

  2. This rabbit looks like a feral rabbit we rescued years ago whom we named BunBun. There is no way BunBun would eat a slice of lemon. The bunny in the video must have really been hungry. Now apples, carrots, and bananas, that’s an entirely different story.

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