‘Canada Won’t Let You Know the Truth About Vampires’ (2013)

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Telling the truth is not allowed in Canada, if the truth is “hateful.”

Canada Won’t Let You Know the Truth About Vampires

Don’t be too surprised if Canada gets overrun with vampires someday. But isn’t a plague of vampires a small price to pay for engineering “hate” out of the system? I mean, if they can’t order people’s emotions, what’s the point of anybody being in the government?

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  1. Back in the 1960’s R.J. Rushdoony was saying that a civilization is in decline when vampires and zombies become popular in the culture. There are an amazing amount of people today who identify themelves as real life vampires. No wonder the Bible forbids the drinking of blood. These sickos sleep in coffins, have their teeth lengthened, and avoid crowds so they won’t be tempted to “strike.” It is past time for the pendulum to swing back to true reality – Jesus Christ is Lord!

  2. The recent fixation with zombies and vampires makes no sense to me. I thought that went out with cheesy horror flicks from the ‘50s.

    I saw a few of episodes, because I was a guest in someone’s home and one of the residents wanted to watch it. It was gross, disgusting, violent and, IMHO, more than a little bit stupid. I certainly didn’t want to watch it and it certainly didn’t hold my attention. In a word, it was stupid.

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