‘Teacher’ Mocks Students’ Religious Beliefs

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Tell me one more time: you send your kids to public school to be “educated” by Far Left unionized kooks because __________,

A teacher at Johnston High School, North Carolina, has been suspended–with full pay, of course–for segregating her students according to their religious beliefs, and mocking the students who believe in God (https://jocoreport.com/teacher-under-investigation-for-segregating-students-based-on-religious-personal-beliefs/).

“This is an unfortunate incident,” said the superintendent of schools. Ya think? So he’ll “investigate it.”

The alleged teacher had the students line up on opposite sides of the classroom, according to whether they believed in God or not; then whether they supported abortion or not; and then whether they supported “gay rights” or not. Having finished that phase of her agenda, the teacher went on to mock the students who didn’t share her own depraved and indefensible beliefs.

I think you have to commit suicide before they actually stop paying you, if you’re a unionized schoolteacher.

We pay for these schools. Why do we have no say about who gets to teach there?

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  1. How sad. I am praying for school children this year who are from first grade to two who are first year college. May their minds be set on truth, and reject everything that does not line up with Scripture.

  2. And yet I was a white teacher who started a youth group in the hood among my black students and they fired me for encroaching on cultural bounds. Believe me, they keep and get rid of who they want at the top. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

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