‘People Control’ (2012)

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Seven years since I wrote this, and I still don’t believe any of the conspiracy theories that have grown up around the Sandy Hook shooting. But by now we have a pattern: every time there is one of these incidents, the question that occupies our big shots is how to gain more government control over people.


Of course there are shootings. That’s our culture killing us back, in response to all we’ve done to it. And we, as a nation, are not willing to stop doing those things. There are now an awful lot of people out there who like moral anarchy and will not part with it.

So we set up these “gun-free” zones whose only effect is to advertise, to potential mass shooters, easy pickings.

We didn’t get into this mess by following God’s laws.

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4 responses to “‘People Control’ (2012)

  • unknowable2

    As I recently heard, when someone commits a crime using a gun, why does the government want to take guns away from people that committed no crime?

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    The solution is for every true believer in Christ to obey God’s laws by patterning their lives according to them. The moral force this would unleash on the world could lead to a spiritual revival that could usher in the Millennium. What is more magnetic than a Spirit-filled people shining forth in the joy of the Lord who at the same time a well-versed in the Word of God which is the Sword of the Spirit? Lord Jesus, may it be so.

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