What the Pope’s Game?

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Do something four times, and we’re justified in thinking you’re doing it on purpose–even if we don’t know why you’re doing it.

Pope Francis last week, according to a “long-time atheist friend” who interviewed him for his atheist publication, denied the bodily resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ (https://www.wnd.com/2019/11/4775784/), saying the risen Jesus was only “preserving the shadow of a person” and walking about “as the semblance of a spirit,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Behold my hands and my feet [Jesus said to His disciples], that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have. (Luke 24:39).

The Bible–and the Roman Catholic Church (and all proper Christians everywhere, for that matter)–plainly affirms that Jesus Christ was resurrected in the flesh. But the pope’s telling his atheist sidekick that no, it ain’t so.

Last month Pope Francis told this same, uh, “journalist” that Jesus Christ was just “a man of exceptional virtue,” and “not at all a God.” Last year, this same “journalist” quoted the pope as saying there is no Hell; and before that, in another “interview”–I put quotes around it because the Vatican keeps saying these are not real interviews, whatever they mean by that–the pope said the human race would go extinct: looks like Christ should have saved Himself the trouble of the cross, we’re still doomed.

Four times: the same interviewer; the same Vatican office disavowing the interview; and each time, no denial, no explanation, from the pope himself. Four times.

What’s he playing at? I mean, really–if you held a hugely important, responsible position in the world, would you go to be interviewed four times, over and over again, by some guy who kept putting damaging words in your mouth? Would you? Sheesh, he and Francis must be really good buddies!

Catholics need to start demanding their bishops explain to them what’s going on. Maybe a few hundred bishops en masse can pry out some kind of explanation from the pope.

Because whatever it is, it’s not Catholicism.

(Disclaimer: I’m not Catholic, but about half of my family is. My church is the fellowship of all believers in Jesus Christ as Son of God and Savior.)

13 comments on “What the Pope’s Game?

  1. Pope Francis has left many of us Catholics totally befuddled.

    Popes are still human. Over time we have had some great ones and some not so great. I believe Pope Benedict would have been one of the great ones. His stepping down is a mystery.
    I have to trust God to sort it all out and keep falling back on Jesus’ promise (Matthew 16:18) “You are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church. And the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”

    1. Jesus said “the gates of hell will not prevail . .” He didn’t say the demons wouldn’t ever sneak in and cause all kinds of trouble. But we know they won’t prevail.

    2. There was something behind all of that. I suspect that we’ll come to know someday, and it won’t be pretty. My guess is that he stood in the way of the globalist aims of the prior administration.

  2. I think that Pope Benedict who “resigned” in fear of his life from the mafia involved in Vatican banking, is merely waiting in the wings for Francis to hang himself and then he will return. He is a good man and a good Catholic, certainly two obvious necessities for being Pope.

    1. I recently got a book called “AA-1025.”

      It’s a true story written by a nurse, Marie Carre’ in Europe who was taking care of a man who had been in an accident and was unconscious. He never regained consciousness before he died. He had no identity papers, except that he had a briefcase. She looked through the briefcase to try to find his identity and found papers he had written which proved to be an autobiography.

      He had been found wandering the streets alone as a small child. He was taken in and adopted by a childless Catholic couple who treated him like gold and raised him Catholic.

      When he was in his teens he overheard them talking about his adoption. He was uttlerly crushed and became deeply bitter. They had lied to him. He felt totally betrayed and turned against them and the Church.

      When he got older he made his way to Russia, joined the Communist Party and became part of a cadre of men assigned to become priests, and destroy the Church from within. The book goes into what they did.

      That was in the 1930s. I believe the infiltration has been going on, even to the present, resulting in the scandals that have plagued the Church, including homosexuality.

      But, “the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”

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