‘When hell disappears from religion…’

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Hell on earth–courtesy of Mao Tse-tung & Co.

We have no shortage of “Christian thinkers” and seminary wallahs who are uncomfortable with the idea of Hell and have excluded it from their teaching. R.J. Rushdoony looked into this in 1983.

“When hell disappears from religion,” he wrote, “it re-appears in politics and social morality. It becomes necessary then for ultimate moral judgments and dispositions to be made on earth, because there is no other court for a final reckoning.” [From Salvation and Godly Rule: quoted by Martin Selbrede in “Politics and the Madness in Men’s Hearts, Arise & Build, Nov. 2019]

Could he have been any more in the exact center of the bullseye than that?

The thing is, we can’t provide ultimate moral judgments. How could any earthly power punish Mao Tse-tung for his mass murder of tens of millions of people? And why would we even trust a power which with one hand offers us salvation and with the other, barbed wire and mass graves?

The fear of God is not only the beginning of wisdom. It is the very substance of wisdom. To know that God will judge us for our acts, to know it and not doubt, is knowledge to preserve the human race from being devoured by its earthly rulers.

Without the fear of God’s judgment… watch out!

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  1. Yes. I just taught on this in last Sunday’s Bible study. It is so pathetic to hear of the empty, worthless nonsense being tolerated today.

    1. They think it’s putting fannies in the pews, when of course it’s having exactly the opposite effect–people fleeing mainline flatline churches in droves.

  2. Also, when hell goes out of religion, justice goes out of the legal system. Today one hears a lot of preaching and talk about Christ’s Second Coming but little about the Judgment Day, yet they are both the same event.

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