They Call It ‘Education’

Here’s Tucker Carlson exposing the latest mischief that its perpetrators are calling “education.” It’s “Deep Equity Education,” a teacher training curriculum aimed at convincing undefended children that everything about America is “racist” and it’s all white people’s fault–the usual “social justice” claptrap, with the usual baggage of pseudo-language and lying.

Hey, people–when are you gonna wake up? You pay for these horrible “schools,” but you don’t have any say at all in who teaches there, or what gets taught. All you do is pay and pay and pay! To this day, no one has dared calculate how much you pay, each year, for the total cost of, um, “public education.”

And what do you get for your money? You get Far Left white liberal wackos teaching your children that everything is racist, if they’re white it’s all their fault and they must spend the rest of their lives punishing themselves, and if they’re black or hispanic, well, they’re inept and incompetent victims who need empowered leftists to run their lives for them and give them free stuff.

The idea is to tear down the country so they can build God knows what on its ruins.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

Kill public education. It’ll be worth it.

P.S.–Deep Equity urges teachers to “explicitly reject and resist” any complaint by parents. You’re paying for that, suckers.

8 comments on “They Call It ‘Education’

  1. It’s okay to be white. It’s okay to be brown, It’s okay to be black, it’s okay to be red. It’s okay to be green with purple polka dots! I sometimes wonder if in the name of equality, certain groups are in reality, igniting more hatred or worse, another civil war.

    1. This is what leftids mean to do: tear down the country. They can’t create the kind of world they want until they tear down what’s already there. Getting people to hate and fear each other is just another part of their program.

  2. When I see someone talking about equity or equality it always raises a red flag for me. Radical egalitarianism always leads to authoritarianism because equability doesn’t occur on it’s own, it must be forced and coerced.

  3. The federal Dept of Education (a creation of Jimmy Carter) needs to be abolished, along with each State’s Dept. of Education, and make all education in America voluntary and private. Can you imagine what quality of education would result from all this competition for money? It would revolutionize America that is in the doldrums because of public education. America used to be admired for its “Can do” attitude. Now it takes 20 years to build a pipeline because of Environmentalists’ regulations and Labor Unions unreasonable demands.

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