Once a Commie, Always a Commie

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Whooping it up at an enemy anti-aircraft gun, way back when

Jane Fonda, who used to visit North Vietnam and cheer on the communists while her country was at war with them–she would have been tried for treason if she weren’t such a non-entity–now wants “Nuremberg trials” for “climate criminals” (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/liberal-media-scream-jane-fonda-wants-nuremberg-trials-for-energy-executives). That would be, she explained, oil company executives and “politicians” who haven’t joined the Climate Change jihad.

They should be tried, she said, for “crimes against nature and humanity.”

The daft old trout declared that thanks to Climate Change–in addition to “we’re all gonna die, die, die in just 12 years unless the world’s governments DO SOMETHING!!”–well, “democracy is teetering on the edge of collapse… That’s why we need to go into the streets.”

So, we save democracy by rioting in the streets and holding show trials, a la the Soviet Union in the 1930s? Does that sound to you like any kind of “democracy” worth saving?

Hey! Am I totally misperceiving this, or have leftists gone off-the-wall bonkers in just the last three years?

These people could be dangerous. And they will be, if they ever get one of their Far Left loonies into the White House.

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  1. I know we’re supposed to forgive as our Father in Heaven forgives us, but we Vietnam veterans have a hard time forgiving Hanoi Jane — especially since she’s never repented. If I must pray for her — and we’re supposed to pray even for our enemies — I’ll pray the way one of our pastors once told me to pray for Yasser Arafat when I said I simply couldn’t bring myself to do it: “Just pray the he may quickly receive what he so richly deserves. Let God decide what that might be.”

  2. Yes, we need to use wisdom and discernment even in our prayers and forgiveness. The Psalms have many prayers that do not sound to some people like “loving kindness”, but if they are in God’s Word, they cannot be wrong. I do not wish anyone to end up eternally lost and headed for hell, but I do not wish to be a door mat for evil, either.

  3. After Hanoi Jane was divorced from Ted Turner, she was supposed to have become a Christian and was attending a Bible study. It seems she is one of those seeds that was cast along the stony ground. May the Lord give her what she richly deserves.

  4. What she did was wrong and highly illegal. It’s one thing to oppose a war, it’s quite another to give comfort to an enemy nation. I pray that honest hearted people will come to know God, and His Son. I pray that persons whom have been misled and are confused will come to know truth and I’m willing to accept that anyone can repent.

    However, there are other issues here as well. My trust is in my Creator and my worship is directed thusly. Much of what we see around us today is tantamount to worship of Beelzebub. The wickedness, filthy and immorality growing in our day is of Satan and the term Beelzebub literally means Lord of Flies; as in the flies that gather when there is filth and death.

    We are seeing civilization itself under assault. Filth on the streets is a sign of hatred for civilization. It’s getting worse and growing by leaps and bounds. The advocates for the far Left are not promising a more civilized world; they seem more than willing to accommodate the destruction of the good things our modern world provides. It is my opinion that all of this reduces to a spiritual matter and a choice regarding worship.

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