By Request, ‘When You Call on Him’

Requested by Erlene, When You Call on Him, by Carroll Roberson. He’s singing by the shore of Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. Look how clean that water is! As if God had only just made it.

Please pray for me, my brain today feels like it ran head-on into a brick wall, but there are important things I want to write about and so far I just can’t do it. I very rarely have this problem and it always worries me when I do.

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  1. Wow, I wonder what is going on today!? I am having the very same
    thing going on. In fact, I felt so horrible, I had to lie down for about 30 minutes. I feel only slightly better now, but we will see how it goes when I try to get something done. I will pray for you, and for me.

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