Lib Profs Outnumber Conservatives, 12-1

Melissa Click, an assistant professor in the University of Missouri's communications, gestures during a run-in with student journalists on Nov. 9, 2015, at a campus protest that followed the resignations of the university system's president and the Columbia campus' chancellor in Columbia, Missouri. (Associated Press)

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Okay, who’s surprised about this? A study shows that Far Left college professors outnumber conservatives, 12-1 ( The researchers surveyed 40 “leading universities” and found the faculty voter registration figures to be about 3,600 Democrat to only 300 Republican. It sounds like Thermopylae.

Why the huge disparity?

The researchers reasoned–rather shrewdly, I thought–that the main cause of this has been academic disciplines “branching out” into Silly Studies–women’s studies, gender studies, Everything Is Racist studies, and all the rest of it–that no conservative professor could ever bring himself to “teach.”

Job One for our colleges is to crank out more Far Left crazies. Job Two is to expand perpetually, so as to find jobs for as many of these chowderheads as possible. That a vast swath of them are totally unemployable even by colleges is of no concern.

Public schools, teachers’ unions, our grotesquely overgrown “higher education” system–kill these, and Far Left Crazy dies. In America, at least, what we laughingly call “education” is leftism’s life support system.

That alone is ample reason to defund it.

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  1. Assembly line education does not work. America was founded on individualism, not collectivism. The progressives’ vision of a perfect society based on their superior virtues only brings hell’s kingdom on earth. We need a reformation in education beginning with the federal gov’t having nothing to do with overseeing it, let alone financing it with our tax money.

    1. No more, no more, no more public monies for the colleges! No more state departments of education! And we need to restore complete local control of school districts–especially the say-so on who teaches there.

  2. Actually, I’m surprised that it’s only 12-1. I would have thought it more like 100-1.

    One of the major reasons for the increasing leftward tilt of most departments is that the leftist professors not only train their graduate students to be leftists (or drive them out if they refuse to toe the party line) but also staff the search committees that hire new faculty members and the promotion/tenure committees that select those who will stay. And those who are hired, promoted, and tenured by these leftists then train the graduate students who … (lather, rinse, and repeat). In other words, the universities are factories in which robots build robots to build robots who will build robots who…. And so on, ad infinitum.

    1. A friend of mine, a professor in the history of science, somehow found himself on the hiring committee of his university. What tales he told! He swore the majority on the committee always tried to hire the most problematic individuals they could find–the loopier, the better. But they got rid of him as quickly as they could.

    1. You’d think they’d be happy. They got Obamacare. They’ve got St. Greta. They even got their holy grail, “gay” marriage. If they’re this man when they’re getting almost everything they want, how mad will they get if we can stop them altogether?

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