‘The Whole Damned Package’ (2014)

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“Clergy” whooping it up for abortion

Be thankful for churches that have refused to go over to the dark side–as the Presbyterian Church USA did, by formal vote, five years ago.

The Whole Damned Package

Well, Paul did warn us that there would be a great falling-away from the truth, before Christ returns. If this isn’t the kind of thing he was talking about… what is?

Rejoice in faithful churches.


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  1. This is so pathetic. To think of all the people who are being led astray by such “doctrine” in “churches” is really sad.

  2. To my sensibilities, that picture points up a very serious issue; just what is the role of church leadership? My guess is that the people pictured above have seminary training, but does that make them faithful believers? Perhaps there’s more to this than vestments, a seminary education and an appointment to a position of leadership. How about faithfulness?

    1. I once interviewed a high official of the United Methodist Church. He said–and I think he was boasting–“The first thing I learned in seminary was that the Bible is not the Word of God.” Swell, huh?

    2. We got in a new pastor once (also Methodist, btw) who had graduated seminary having never read the whole Bible! It showed in his sermons, too. He had no understanding of the OT and half his theology was just plain wrong. We ended up having to leave that chuch. One thing I cannot tolerate is blasphemy from the pulpit, intentional or not. Seminary did him no favors by graduating him.

  3. “Falling Away” in Greek is apostasia, where we can get the word apostasy. No doubt we are seeing apostasy today.

  4. It is hard to think of any human enterprise that becomes successful and large that does not eventually become rotten at the top. The latest is Chic-fil-A caving to the LGBT mafia. Maybe when Jesus said “New wine requires new wine skins” He meant we should keep our organizations at grass roots levels and on the small size.

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