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By Request, ‘In Christ Alone’

“The White Rabbit” asked for this one–In Christ Alone, performed by Keith and Kristyn Getty.

You may remember this as the hymn the Presbyterian Church USA refused to include in its hymnal unless the authors got rid of that line about the wrath of God being satisfied, because the PCUSA doesn’t think God has anything to be wrathful about–and they want to protect your “choice” to kill your baby, but take away your choice to sing this hymn at one of their church services.

Well, anyway, it’s beautiful, it’s reverent, and it’s here.

Look Who Rejected the Hymn

Image result for images of pcusa 2010 general assembly

Would you believe this was part of a church denomination’s general assembly?

Today’s hymn (see below), In Christ Alone, has a controversy to go with it.

Written by Keith Getty and Stewart Townend, the hymn quickly caught on and was popular in many churches–so much so, it wound up being included in those churches’ new hymnals.

The Presbyterian Church USA considered putting it in their hymnal–but only if the authors agreed to change the words of one line: from “the wrath of God was satisfied” (by Jesus’ death on the cross) to “the love of God was magnified.” The authors refused, so In Christ Alone isn’t in the PCUSA hymnal.

The PCUSA! Who pranced around costumed as animals and pagan gods at their 2010 General Assembly (http://www.staffordcarson.com/2010/08/pcusa-general-assembly/)–and just try and see the video of that embarrassing display. They pulled it off the Internet. Trust me, you wouldn’t have believed your eyes.

This may be the flattest of the flatline Protestant denominations. They ordain unrepentant, openly-practicing homosexuals as ministers and elders of the church. They are hemorrhaging members and probably won’t be here anymore to greet the next century.

And they don’t want hear no “wrath of God” talk! ‘Cause there ain’t no wrath of God! All their feminist theology professors at the seminaries say so.

Within  various flatline denominations there is a movement to reject the doctrine of the Atonement. Excuse me! If Jesus was not taking the punishment for our sins, not paying the bill for them, then what was He doing on the cross? Why was He there? Because it seemed like a good idea at the time?

We should weep for the apostasy of churches.

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