Learn Judo? It’s a Felony!

A basic judo throw–it’ll be a felony to teach it or learn it

They haven’t even taken office yet, but Virginia’s new Democrat legislature has already cooked up a new “law” that would virtually outlaw all forms of self-defense. But don’t take my word for it: here’s the text, read it for yourself.


This monstrosity, SB64, to be offered for a vote on Jan. 8, will brand all forms of self-defense instruction “unlawful paramilitary activity” and prohibit, and class as a felony, “anytechnique capable of causing injury or death to persons.” You won’t be allowed to “teach” or “demonstrate” it, or learn it, or practice it.

That slurping sound is muggers licking their lips.

Well, Virginia, you’ve got that Democrat legislature you wanted, live birth abortion, sanctuary cities, and all. And they have announced that they mean to strip you of any possible way of defending yourself from criminals.

I know: it sounds ridiculous, nothing this absurd could be true. But again, read the text of the bill and judge for yourself.

These people are out of their minds–and so is anyone who votes for them.


6 comments on “Learn Judo? It’s a Felony!

  1. These legislators need to be institutionalized, not re-elected. They are a clear and present danger to our freedom and safety and should be locked up where they do no harm.

    1. Well, you know, back in 2016 Gov. Terry “Sleazo” McAuliffe restored voting rights to tens of thousands of felons. Guess what party they vote for.

    2. For every societal felon behind bars there’s a political felon on the other side. I felt no immediate gratification about this story 3 years ago in that he might just get away with it, so I threw it into my “live bait” bucket. I assume it spread to other states. I used to believe only election fraud could turn a state democratic. Now it seems it’s the people themselves because once a state turns democratic, there’s no turning back. And this is how they do it. D’ya think we just need a little more tough love – lol?

  2. I dream of the day. In the meantime, I pray for miracles from Trump during his second term. Yes, miracles! I for one need at least another 4 years to prepare for political armageddon.

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