‘Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead?’ (2016)

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Don’t let this happen to your country!

I first said several months ago that Hillary Clinton was going to run for president again, and since then, a lot of commentators have joined me in that opinion. Remember what a great run she made of it last time?

‘Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead?’

(Yeah, Hillary–go on, do it! This time it’ll work! This time the Deep State will see to it that you win! Last time was just a fluke. Go on, do it!)

As many times as it takes to drive the Democrat Party into the ground for good, that’s how many times I hope she runs.

And no,

But I don’t want anybody getting so overconfident in 2020 that they stay home, or vote for a third-party candidate, or do anything that could possibly be construed as helping the Democrats get their dirty hands back around our country’s neck. ‘Cause this time they won’t let go.


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  1. The Dems are imploding before our very eyes. Can you see yourself defending Pelosi & Shiff & Nadler? – they are so embarrassing. The whole MSM that conspires against America is beyond pitiful.

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