Think of It as Northern Venezuela

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One of these is Gov. Northam in his college days. We still don’t know which one.

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As long as they’re trying to erase the Second Amendment, Virginia’s new Democrat commissars have decided to have a go at the First Amendment, too. Which is why we need our right to bear arms…

A bill in the Michael-Bloomberg-bought-and-paid-for Virginia legislsature, HB1627, would make it a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by arrest and fine, to criticize the state government (

The words actually used here are “threats and harassment of certain officials,” and, particularly, “harassment by computer.” The terms “threats” and “harassment” are left completely undefined.

If you should post a remark on a blog to the effect that “Gov. Northam is a baby-killing cannibal,” this bill would give the Richmond police the authority to swoop down on you no matter where you are in the state, and arrest you.

Specifically exempted from criticism, unflattering comments in the social media, or loud raspberries would be the governor, governor-elect, lieutenant governor, lieutenant governor-elect, attorney general, attorney general-elect, a member or employee [?] of the General Assembly, a justice of the state supreme court, or a judge of the court of appeals.

That pretty much covers it, don’tcha think?

Does any Democrat acknowledge any fragment of the Bill of Rights? That this bill is riotously, flagrantly, boisterously, uproariously unconstitutional seems to have occurred to none of them.

This is the Democrat Party, folks.

Crush them in November.

They Just Won’t Leave Us Alone

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It’s urban! It’s energy efficient! Wretchedness is good for you!

(I didn’t want to cover any nooze today, I just want to trim my tree and listen to some Christmas music, and have my cigar–but wherever you turn, these days, there’s a Democrat trying to crawl up your pants and bite you.)

Well, Virginia, pat yourself on the back! You asked for a Democrat government, and now you’ve got one–complete with “live birth abortion” (once known as premeditated murder), confiscation of law-abiding persons’ means of self-defense–and now they’re coming for your zoning.

Yep! According to some guy from the Muslim Brotherhood who’s now a big cheese in the Virginia legislature, single-family homes are out–the state will override municipal zoning laws to create a big fat urban mess (

The big story in New Jersey in the 1970s, the story that I cut my teeth on as a reporter, was the state’s desire to impose multi-family housing on suburban townships. Ironically, most of those were Democrat towns, whose local officials fought tooth and nail to preserve their communities. The only thing that’s changed is, now it’s Democrats trying to wipe out the suburbs.

But Delegate Ibrahim Whatsit says, “The more dense a neighborhood is, the more energy efficient it is.” And also “suburbs are bastions of racial segregation.” And Israel is worse than the KKK–yeah, he’s said that, too.

And once again, just as it was in New Jersey in 1974, the buzzword is “affordable housing.” That’s a laugh. Go ahead, I dare you–find some “affordable housing” in New Jersey. Even as they tear down the real houses and replace them with multifamily rabbit hutches, there is no such thing.

They’ve even got a nice dishonest euphemism for their little scheme: “upzoning.” Now doesn’t that sound pleasant?

Hey, everybody! If you want to live in the kind of hell-hole featured in The Hunger Games, just keep on electing Democrats.

Wait’ll they start ordering the National Guard to grab people’s guns. That’s going to be lively!

Learn Judo? It’s a Felony!

A basic judo throw–it’ll be a felony to teach it or learn it

They haven’t even taken office yet, but Virginia’s new Democrat legislature has already cooked up a new “law” that would virtually outlaw all forms of self-defense. But don’t take my word for it: here’s the text, read it for yourself.

This monstrosity, SB64, to be offered for a vote on Jan. 8, will brand all forms of self-defense instruction “unlawful paramilitary activity” and prohibit, and class as a felony, “anytechnique capable of causing injury or death to persons.” You won’t be allowed to “teach” or “demonstrate” it, or learn it, or practice it.

That slurping sound is muggers licking their lips.

Well, Virginia, you’ve got that Democrat legislature you wanted, live birth abortion, sanctuary cities, and all. And they have announced that they mean to strip you of any possible way of defending yourself from criminals.

I know: it sounds ridiculous, nothing this absurd could be true. But again, read the text of the bill and judge for yourself.

These people are out of their minds–and so is anyone who votes for them.