Pope: Fundamentalists ‘a Scourge’

Pope Francis

Smile when you call millions of Christians “a scourge.”

What with all the hoopla over the fake “impeachment” last month, I never spotted this, er, development until just yesterday.

In a Nov. 18 speech, the Red Pope called “fundamentalists”–his definition of the word is not the same as ours–“a scourge” (https://www.breitbart.com/faith/2019/11/19/pope-francis-warns-fundamentalism-is-a-plague/).

“Beware of fundamentalists,” he said. “Everyone has his own. In Argentina there is a little fundamentalist corner. Fundamentalism is a scourge, and all religions have some kind of fundamentalist first cousin…”

A few points to ponder:

If “fundamentalists” have any influence on events in Argentina, it’s virtually undetectable. Downright microscopic.

He separates “fundamentalists” from “religions,” which makes us wonder what he means by “religion.”

Mr. Inclusive excludes millions of Christians from “religion.”

He seems to think all “fundamentalists” are violent. Sort of an obstacle to setting up a nice cozy world government and world religion, with everybody saying and doing and thinking exactly the same thing at the same time. He would call it “diversity.”

For the record, a Christian fundamentalist is one who takes the Bible seriously and believes what it says. That would include “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” wouldn’t it? Somehow the pope objects to that?

What portions of the Bible does he think are wrong, weird, or toxic? ‘Cause if he accepts and believes in the whole Bible…well, then he’d be a fundamentalist.

4 comments on “Pope: Fundamentalists ‘a Scourge’

  1. There’s a fake pope in the Vatican – is the Vatican even the Vatican? I guess we’ll find out when Francis dies, or becomes the False Prophet. Even diversity is perversity. The left wants to change the world by twisting it out of shape into their own image, but that’s why they can’t make it a better one. The myth of Sisyphus…

  2. Usually, when this Pope talks about “fundamentalists,” he’s talking about faithful Catholics. In fact, he seems to save his most hostile vituperation for “fundamentalist” and “rigid” Catholics, those of us who take Our Lord’s words seriously and try to abide by His commandments. It’s not a happy time for us. All we can do is pray, receive the sacraments, read our Bibles and the lives and writings of the saints, and try to stay faithful until the Lord delivers us from the current chastisement.

  3. The term fundamentalist has been twisted out of shape to the point of being unrecognizable. As I understand it, the meaning of a biblical fundamentalist is one whom takes the Bible to be literal and not allegorical. By that definition, I would venture that most of the regulars here are fundamentalists. (BTW, I know that there are symbolic passages in the Bible such as in Daniel and Revelation.)

    Somewhere along the line, fundamentalist changed definitions and, unfortunately, many people think of fundamentalists as some sort of religious hillbillies with bad teeth, stemming from a limited gene pool and talking in a hokey accent, but this is more a media creation than reality.

    God does not ask me to resist to violence and He certainly doesn’t condone killing in His name. I can believe the Bible and still be tolerant of others, even if we disagree vehemently with regard to matters of faith. This Pope seems to think that anyone that doesn’t subscribe to his brand of “enlightenment” is some sort of a threat. Frankly, I see him as a bit of a threat.

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