‘Our Immoral and Unrighteous Government’ (2014)

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The Climate Change Twins, 2014. Sort of like the Certs Twins, only infinitely more dangerous and costly.

When I posted this in 2014, Donald Trump had yet to become president (or even a serious candidate) and tear the curtain off the Deep State for everyone to see. And so a reader admonished me to “limit your crusade to religion and morality” and leave Bent Science alone.

Our Immoral and Unrighteous Government

The problem nowadays, though, is that you can’t separate crooked science from crooked government. The whole purpose of the Climate Change scam is to grow the government at the people’s expense.

I mean, really, it’s so flaming obvious. They subject us to all sorts of humiliating limitations on our freedom, grab the money that we worked for, and then, when nothing happens with the “climate,” they proudly proclaim, “See? We saved the planet, didn’t we?”

There’s no excuse for falling for such clumsy tricks.

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  1. The latest “scientific” evidence that is going around is a graph of the temperatures in Australia over the last century and how they have increased. Let’s see, Australia is half desert, it is at the bottom of the world, and it is only a chart, people. What does Australia’s climate have to do with me in Arkansas? Zero. I don’t get the hysteria from the Hollywood Left when all these dire predictions are just computer programs – and who programs the computer programs? – the so-called climate experts. I know for a fact the Obamas don’t believe a hoot about Climate Change as they have just purchased a very large house and 29 acres on the ocean in Martha’s Vineyard.

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