‘Judging God’ (2015)

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So is this how it works? In a book which you say is mostly myths and legends, mostly not true, a Person whom you say does not exist took actions which you say never happened–and you hate Him passionately for it?

Judging God

Why are liberals so much more upset about Canaanites getting iced in the Old Testament than babies getting aborted by the millions virtually before their eyes?

Chill out, sunshine. It was only Canaanite tissue being removed for Israelite women’s health.


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  1. We see the madness magnified every day. I just taught on this last week. People criticize the Israelites for their rebellion and hypocrisy all the time, but never seem to see our own. tsk tsk

  2. My Hebrew Bible teacher at college is a female pastor. She taught the class that the Old Testament account of God having the Canaanite tribes wiped out was unsubstantiated because if it were true she would not believe in a God such as that – and the beat goes on.

    1. Hmm… child sacrifice, ritual prostitution, ritual sodomy, massacring each other every chance they got, idolatry… But if the Bible is only a work of fiction, then none of that stuff ever happened, so why get bent out of shape about it?

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