Preventive Impeachment?

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“When shall we three meet again?” (Macbeth, Act 1, Scene 1)

We now have the House Judiciary Committee Report on why President Donald Trump just has to be impeached. The purpose of this move, says the report, is “not to inflict punishment for past wrongdoing–” eh?–“but rather to save the Nation from misconduct that endangers democracy–” what?–“and the rule of law” ( LOL for that last bit.

To translate Dem-speak into plain English: they can’t “inflict punishment for past wrongdoing,” because there’s no past wrongdoing to punish; so what they’re gonna do is inflict punishment for any wrongdoing that the president might do, sometime in the future.

Is it necessary to point out that our system of governing ourselves is not “democracy,” but a republic? The terms are not interchangeable! To speak of the United States as a “democracy” has only two purposes: to bamboozle a poorly-educated audience, or to display the speaker’s own ignorance. Or both.

The formal Articles of Impeachment, proposed by rabidly partisan Democrats, are: 1) “obstruction of Congress” (breaking a law that does not exist) and 2) “abuse of power,” which, in a Republican president, can mean something as simple as being elected in the first place.

And after calling us every low-down name in the book–racists, haters, biggits, stupid hicks, deplorables, xenophobes, etc.–Democrats expect us to rally ’round their flag and overthrow the president that we elected to pull the Deep State monkey off our backs. “Oh, we see the light now! We are so happy that every schmendrick that we send to Capitol Hill comes home a millionaire! We are so happy that Bernie Sanders owns four houses! And that Joe Biden’s son was earning more than $50,000 a month for a no-show job in a foreign country! No more Trump! We can’t wait to get back to business as usual! That’s going to be just so great when you repeal our tax cuts and shower the money on illegal aliens! What a pity that we have to wait for it!”

The day the Democrat Party is put out of business forever, the very sidewalks of America will break out in rejoicing.

7 comments on “Preventive Impeachment?

  1. They write the law as they go along. Never mind the Constitution or anything that would conflict with their agenda.

  2. I have been thinking about that “democracy” vs. “republic.” Our Pledge of Allegiance is “to the republic for which it stands.” Not “the democracy for which it stands” !

    I think we need a good clarification of the difference, and publish it widely!

    1. Our founders were horrified by the very idea of trying to create a “democracy.”
      Maybe tomorrow I’ll write that clarification.

    2. A democracy has been described as two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for dinner. The Founding Fathers detested democracy, which is tyranny by the majority or mob rule. Ironically, there can also be tyranny by the minority.

      A republic, on the other hand, has some democratic elements, but it is not a pure democracy. We elect our representatives who govern in our interests. Of course a republic in itself does not grantee liberty. There has to be other checks and balances in place. Our Founding Fathers did a pretty good job in this regard.

  3. That would be an excellent idea. There really needs to be clarification on this and many other things.

  4. I had been thinking that if the Dems impeached Trump they would be shooting themselves in the foot. Now that I have witnessed how they have gone about it I think what they have done is to shoot themselves in the heart. Long live President Trump!

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