Bunnies & Babies

I can just hear my mother scream as she turns around to fine one of her babies going kissy-kissy mouth to mouth with a rabbit. And I would say the same about a baby sharing finger food with a bunny, only in these videos, the rabbit mostly steals the snack from the baby, who is left with one of those “What just happened?” looks on his face.

But who ever heard of a baby or a bunny getting too much cuddling?

8 comments on “Bunnies & Babies

  1. I think your mother and I would have understood one another very well. I watched my kids as closely as I could when they were little, but then, I’m sure they got into a lot of things I never saw, and wonder of wonders, they both survived.

  2. Kids and animals, a favorite combination. What can I say? Two innocent creatures, albeit some rabbits are Kleptos. I was especially touched by a fairly tiny little girl and an exceptionally tiny baby bunny.

  3. I had my wife watch this one. She received her first bunny Christmas 1989. She says no more pets after our Bincy Bunny went to the Rainbow Bridge this past Spring. I would like to request “O Holy Night.”

    1. Saving it for tomorrow morning.

      It’s true: if you take a pet into your home, you stand a good chance of having your heart broken. But I can’t imagine life without them.

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