Hillary Again? They’re Kidding, Right?

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If she’s laughing, it ain’t funny.

No, the Harris Poll isn’t kidding. They’ve got Horrible Hillary leading the pack for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination–out in front with 21% to No-Show Joe Biden’s 20% and Bernie Sanders’ 12% (https://wcrynews.com/markets/the-five-react-to-crazy-poll-showing-hillary-clinton-leading-democratic-presidential-field/).

Why does this make me try to remember how many times The Mummy came back in horror movies?

Since 2016, has Hillary Clinton grown more likeable? More sane? Wiser? Healthier? Oh! And cleaner? Like, no more unaccounted-for corrupt practices clinging to her?

Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut! This time everybody really will understand that it’s her turn to be president! She’s got dibs on it! And this time the Democrats will leave no dirty trick unplayed, no illegal vote un-cast, no sycophantic grovelling nooze story untold.

They keep trying to stuff this wretched woman into the White House, and they keep failing. What does that tell you about their sanity?

P.S.: Some of you have been kind enough to say that my essay, “America is not a Democracy,” ought to be presented to a wider audience. This was very kind of you, and much appreciated. So I’ve sent a link to David Limbaugh, a) because he’s David Limbaugh, and b) because I did do a good interview with him once. I’ll be surprised if he remembers it, but he might. And maybe he can post the essay someplace where more people will see it.

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